Friday, October 14, 2011

A list of grievances

Things that have really pissed me off this week:

1) Backlash against the public mourning of Steve Jobs' death - Like, really? He pioneered personal computing and brought the world to our fingertips, making it accessible almost anywhere we go. YA'LL ARE JUST HATIN'. America can't claim dominance in many fields these days, but two resources we've always had in abundance are creativity and entrepreneurship. We thrive on this. And Steve Jobs was both qualities incarnate, leading one of the most innovative companies ever made and retaining the outsider spirit that made him iconic. Can you please give the man who literally changed the way we live more so than any other figure in recent memory some freakin' respect? Sheesh.

2) Dismissive criticism of Occupy Wall Street protestors - Not everyone who's rallying for the wealth disparity in this country to be erased is 'lazy' or 'privileged' or 'whining about problems people in third-world countries would be ecstatic to have.' Some people have done all the right things, worked to the bone, sacrificed any remote luxury and even basic necessities, and still barely scrape by. Look at this. Be moved. Understand.

3) How infuriatingly small hors d'oeuvres are at fancy parties - OK so maybe this says more about me than any perceived fault of the catering service, but if you want to avoid the mass of hungry bodies swiftly pouncing on every defenseless waiter who's holding a tray, I must insist on supersizing that shiz.

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